World Cleanup Day: how to get involved?

Have you heard of the World Cleanup Day? It is a civic movement which aims to gather everyone to clean the planet in one day. On the 15th of September, from New Zealand to Hawaii, millions of people in 150 countries will act together to organise clean-ups all around the world. How can you take part? In today’s blog post, we explain how to participate in this international eco-friendly event.

Take part in a clean up

To play your part, you can join a clean up near you. Get in touch with your country team on the World Cleanup Day website, to find out where the closest clean up is. Another option is to download the World Cleanup Day app on your phone to locate the nearest clean-up.

Organise your own clean-up

If there is no clean-up near you or if you love organising, you can organise your own event! Contact your country team and let them know directly. They will then add your clean up to the global map so that anyone in your neighbourhood can join. To help you with the organisation, you will find some guidance and  safety tips directly on the World Cleanup Day website.


Spread the word

Make sure you let people around you know what is happening on the World Cleanup day. Share the envent on your social media and invite your family, friends and neighbours to join. You will find resources to help you communicate on the World Cleanup Day website, and there is even a hashtag that you can use for eco-friendly selfies #WorldCleanupDay

Recycle the waste you find

After the event, TerraCycle can help you give a second life to the waste you have collected. For example, we have a free recycling programme for cigarette butts, which is the most littered item on the planet! There is also a programme for cracker and biscuit wrappers or baby food pouches, in case you find some during the clean-up. Check out the list of our free recycling programmes on our website.

You might also bump into all sort of flexible plastics which you can recycle with our Zero Waste Box for plastic bags or plastic packaging. We also have a Zero Waste box for plastic straws or you can just throw your waste in the All-in-One Zero Waste Box and we will sort everything out for you.

At TerraCycle, we also take part in clean-ups!

At TerraCycle, we love recycling and we have have already participated in clean-ups to collect the waste which has not made it to our warehouse. We helped clean up beaches, collected litter from the London canal on canoes and we regularly clean up the surroundings of our office space in West London. Take a look at our team in action!


Let’s do it, world!

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