A tour of the TerraCycle US office

Did you know that TerraCycle’s Head Office is located in the US? If TerraCycle is now an international company operating in 21 countries across the world, it all started in New Jersey, where Tom Szaky founded the company when he was still studying in Princeton University. Since then, the company has grown and the Head Office has expanded and has now become a huge warehouse covered with TerraCycle logos and decorated with all sorts of upcycled items.

Any TerraCycle employee’s dream is to visit the US office. When you work at TerraCycle, you have seen videos, photos and even a TV show shot in the US office. You have heard about all the crazy upcycled stuffs that can be found there: curtains made from plastic bottles, desks made from old doors or walls made from old CDs. In your mind, it has become a sort of creative waste-heaven that you wish to visit ASAP.

I was lucky enough to travel there for a week, and let me tell you that I was not disappointed at all. Because you might now be dying to see how it looks like, I thought I would take you on a tour of TerraCycle’s Head Office!

43739980_278543012767447_8910617577831530496_n.jpgWhen you get there, you can’t miss the office! Not only because there is nothing else around, but also because it is all decorated with TerraCycle logos and graffitiYou know you have made it!

44298391_180233206219094_3859394493346217984_n.jpgTo get into the office, you need to walk through a curtain made of bottleshow cool!

office-5faefe8e5391804cb061ece314c0fde46a10c9a8506990532a9c16dde175835dThe main open space where everyone is working hard to eliminate the idea of waste.

Game roomEach meeting room has a name, this one is the “Game meeting room”, where I spent most of my week not playing board games of course but attending meetings.


43828994_306383900156604_5582535209292660736_n.jpgThe design room, one of the coolest spots, where Tiffany Threadgould, TerraCycle’s Chief Design Junkie and her team give a second life to waste – even turning garbage into a trendy outfit!

43770548_947256128778013_3769659307839193088_nThe Science Lab, where our R&D experts find out how to recycle your hardest-to-recycle waste. Those guys are great and can turn practically anything into recycled material!

43828590_1054907218034966_2108243297775386624_nA stylish break room for coffee breaks, where you can of course recycle your snack wrappers – have you spotted our Zero Waste Boxes in action?

44286308_272633523384566_3292038307206135808_nAnd finally, the kitchen – with a great collection of baking pans!


I hope you liked the US office as much as I did, and we will soon be sharing interviews of some of the people we met there, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “A tour of the TerraCycle US office

  1. Hi my name is Trish Beyer,
    I saw a clip about your company on CNN today May 8, 2020. I was very interested and I looked you up and was surprised to see that you were from Trenton New Jersey I grew up in Levittown Pennsylvania, Then move to the Poconos then move to Virginia but my children and grandchildren still live in the Poconos and I think it would be so interesting to take my grandchildren to your facilities. Do you do tours? I know now is not a good time with the coronavirus but when things clear up and I visit them again I would like your company to be first on the list that I take them to, my oldest granddaughter is 28 and is a big recycler and I know she would be really interested, I just think we really need to educate the younger generation and teach them how important recycling is. I also have five other grandchildren ages between 18 to 10. Thanks for your time. Trish


    1. Hi Trish, sorry for the late reply.
      It’s great that you want to get your grandchildren involved in recycling! Unfortunately, we do not offer tours of our facilities, however, you can have a look at our video “What happens to the waste” here: youtu.be/SXuaHiPnGvk. Don’t hesitate to watch our other videos or to follow us on social media for more updates!
      Best wishes, Claire


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