2019 Goals: Sustainable New Years Resolutions

If 2018 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to take better care of our environment and be mindful of our way of life. This might seem overwhelming, but don’t worry! We are guiding you to the New Year’s resolutions that can help you live a greener, more sustainable life.

  1. Pledge to say “Hold the straw”

When trying to go green it’s all about starting small. Start out by promising yourself to refuse the straw when you’re out and about. Whenever you order a drink, simply say “hold the straw, please”.Hopefully, your actions can make the vendors using straws cut back!

  1. Always bring a reusable coffee cup

… and pledge to always remember to ask the barista, if she will please put your coffee in that instead of a single use to-go cup. Like with the straws, continuously asking can drive change and we all must do our part. So remember to ask every time. You also save money!

  1. Always remember a reusable bag

Even if you recycle plastic grocery bags, there is still an enormous amount of energy spent on recycling efforts. But don’t buy or make more reusable bags than you actually need: a fabric bag needs to be used more than 130 times. So bring it with you wherever you go, so you always have it ready when you need it.

TIP: The experts say that you have to do something 21-days in a row for it to become a habit. For the first three suggestions on the list, dedicate a month to each. In January focus on straws, in February on coffee cups, and in March on the reusable bags. When the month is over you’ve hopefully made a habit and can easily remember it for the rest of the year. The important thing is to not bite over more than you can chew. Take it slow – going green is a process.

  1. Honor meat-free Monday

Food is one of the areas you can make the biggest impact. Try making 2019 your most sustainable year yet by cutting back on meat. A good place to start is by introducing a vegetarian day each week. Research vegetarian recipes and make them a part of your weekly meal plan. It’s not only good for the planet – it’s also good for you.


  1. Find more ethical groceries

Research how you can switch to more ethical groceries. Whether it’s buying your vegetables at your local farmers market, switching to recycled paper, purchasing meat from a butcher who is happy to give you your meat in a reusable glass container, or switching from regular wrapping paper to brown paper: small changes have a big impact. As a general rule: Switch to products that can help you reduce your waste such as compostable, reusable, or recyclable products.

  1. Take recycling to the next level

Although reducing waste is by far the best you can do, sometimes waste cannot be avoided. Up your recycling game by joining some of our free recycling programmes and help your favourite charity.

And before you toss anything in the trash, research if you can’t recycle it somewhere. Maybe a recycling centre near you or through our Zero Waste Boxes.

  1. Learn a new craft

One of the best things you can do to make things last is fix it or upcycle it. Learn a craft that can help you do so! It could be to learn how to sew, so you can make your own tote bags out of old t-shirts, knitting so you can easily fix your knitwear, or woodwork to upcycle or fix old furniture.

  1. Do more of what makes you happy

If you sit down and evaluate what truly makes you happy, I honestly doubt that it’s your possessions.  Most often it’s reading a good book, spending time with loved ones, or enjoying nature. So do more of that! Boost your endorphins with a walk in the woods, play a board game with your friends or family, and borrow a book in the library and get some you-time in 2019. You deserve it!


9 thoughts on “2019 Goals: Sustainable New Years Resolutions

    1. Thanks for commenting Yolande! That’s great to hear! I’d have to check with our Business Development Team who do outreach to different retailers. Members of the general public can set up a recycling box (we call them public drop-off locations or collection points) in supermarkets and other accessible areas (e.g. town hall, a school, a garden centre).


  1. Hi, I have a few empty crisp packets for one of your collections points. My nearest collection point is, according to terracycle was at Bloomfield Cottage,Tesco Supermarket, Heswall I even got directions.
    Well there is no such place!
    When I approached customer service in Tesco’s they had never heard of Bloomfield Cottage and the crisp packing scheme. Although I felt slightly embarrassed, explained to the person, who will mention the scheme to the management team and see were it goes.
    Where do terracycle get the information?.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mike – thanks for commenting! Sorry for the confusion regarding this – I’ve asked the Customer Support team to look into this for you. I’ll respond to this comment once I’ve heard back from them. Thanks, Louise


    2. Hi Mike – we apologise for any inconvenience you have experienced. We rely on members of the public to set up drop-off locations, often in places like supermarkets. We are getting in touch with our contact at that location to find out more information, and we are also updating our application process so we can avoid these kinds of issues in the future. On our systems we have a collection point registered for Tesco Heswall but no record of a collection point registered at Bloomfield Cottage. Please can you clarify where you saw Bloomfield Cottage?


  2. Hi, I’m trying to support my class of 9 year olds to co-ordinate recycling crisp and biscuit wrappers in our school – we can’t afford to pay for a box though. Can you tell me what to do?


    1. Hi Kathryn, thanks for commenting. Yes, of course. It is free to join The pladis Biscuits and Snacks Recycling Programme (to recycle biscuit, cracker and cake wrappers) and The Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme (to recycle any type of crisp packet and multi / outer crisp packet). We offer Zero Waste Boxes, this may have been what you have seen, which cost money but don’t worry, you can recycle them for free by joining the free recycling programmes! Please take a look at these two websites, all the information you need is here; https://www.terracycle.co.uk/en-GB/brigades/pladis and https://www.terracycle.co.uk/en-GB/brigades/crisppacket. Please let me know if you have any other questions. The best way to contact us currently is through Facebook. Thanks!


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