A Tour of Our European Office in London

Following the interview of Evan, one of TerraCycle’s Design Junkies, some of you asked in the comments for a tour of our European Office located in London. So… here goes!

To decorate and furnish our office we use upcycled objects. We created new objects with pre-used items that our design team transformed.

Our main meeting room

In this picture, you can see one of the meeting rooms. For our big meetings we need a big table, so the design team created this very long table by assembling several old doors!

This is the perfect example of upcycling as we create new objects out of used and discarded objects, giving them another life in the process. To learn more about upcycling, click here: Upcycle with TerraCycle.

Next to this room Evan and his team decorated two new rooms: the water room and the Tropical room!

The palm tree leaves on the wall are actually made from food pouches!

Here, you can see the water room. The jellyfish is made from a plastic bag and paper and the glass bottle hanging from the ceiling gives the impression that you are working under the sea.

Our communal area on the ground floor of the office provides a space to eat lunch together or to have small meetings on the round table made from recycled materials.

To better separate our work space, we created this curtain made of plastic bottles. This system is sound proof and allows the whole floor to work in peace at their desks.

All the desks in the office are furnished with pre-used objects. We pin our memos on boards made from old corks.

In the corner of the picture you can see one of our standing desks. This colorful surface is composed of recycled tooth brushes and toothpaste tubes.

The design team created a lovely and colorful environment for us. This help us work harder everyday to eliminate the idea of waste!


If you’re feeling inspired by the photographs of our office and you now want to work for TerraCycle, you can check out our latest job offers here: https://terracycle.breezy.hr/

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