4 Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you’re not ready yet?! Don’t worry! If you’re still looking for the perfect environmentally friendly gift or experience, you’ve come to the right place cause we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our favourite suggestions for the occasion!

A whole – zero waste – world on your doorstep

There are so many beautiful places across the UK! Whether you live in Central London or Northern Scotland, our country has almost everything you need (fair enough, maybe not the warm and beautifully clear blue sea). Going on a trip for the day or a weekend doesn’t have to have a big carbon footprint. You can carpool and meet new people or, even better, decide to go by bike and exercise (you’ll burn off all these sweet chocolates at the same time). Let’s just hope for good weather…

Go off-grid and go to an eco-friendly retreat

If you’re going further afield, why not book in at a cool, environmentally friendly place to stay the night? Disconnect from your daily digital life, and reconnect with your soulmate. It would be a special treat and, as an extra bonus, you will be doing it in eco-style! At the Hex Cottage in Suffolk for example, you can get a romantic candlelit gateway, as it’s a 100% electricity-free place. A breath of fresh air!

Craft a special gift for your Valentine

What’s more personal and rewarding than creating your own zero waste gift for your loved one? Fancy a go at making your own perfume, body scrub or a bath bomb? (for an extra treat, go organic!). If you’re limited on time and resources, a safe back-up is to create your very own hand-made Valentine’s Day card.

Try a new experience

Not interested in buying the typical Valentine’s Day gifts? Go for something new and exciting! Experiences can mean less waste and more fun! What’s not to love? The list of things you could do together is endless; try making cocktails, take a cooking class, learn how to make jewelry, upholster furniture, pottery and more…! 

A great example would be to take the Cookery School’s “Waste matters” cooking class and surprise your special someone with a succulent zero-waste dinner… yum! Or if taking classes doesn’t appeal, why not buy a ‘DIY’ craft kit and try it in the comfort of your home?

We hope these ideas are useful and from all of us at TerraCycle, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! We’d love to hear from your experience or ideas for zero waste gifts, don’t hesitate to share your ideas with our community!

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