Creative Weekly Winners from the #KeepOnRecycling Contest – No.1

As part of the #KeepOnRecycling global social media contest, every Monday our TerraCycle® Judging Team choose the three (3) most creative posts from around the world demonstrating how they’re collecting TerraCycle® waste at home. Each one of our lucky winners will receive £80 worth of TerraCycle® points that they can redeem as donations to charities of their choice!

The winners…

1. Joy Carter on Facebook – United Kingdom

Joy carter screenshot

Joy shared a great short video of her innovative solution for sorting and storing multiple types of TerraCycle® waste in one place. Joy used different sized boxes, with each box storing a particular type of waste, and stacked them on top of each other. She then placed a brick on top to weigh down and compact the waste – saving even more space! Lastly, she kept the waste in a carrier bag so it is easily transportable and ready to go (minus the brick!).

2. Les Collectes de La Main Verte (The Green Hand Collections) on Facebook – France


This community page in France shared a really informative video documenting how this collector has a small collection box for each type of waste throughout their home. In the video description they explain that it has become an important part of their routine to the point it is practically a reflex! Amazing to see their organisation and dedication!

3. Pitadas +Verdes on Instagram – Brazil


In Brazil you can recycle old pencils thanks to a partnership with Faber-Castell®! This entry is a great demonstration of how you can upcycle pencils to create lovely decorations while you’re collecting at home. We hope this gives you some creative ideas to try!

You could be next! 

Before August 27th, 2020, post a message, video or photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that shows how you are still collecting for your favorite TerraCycle programs or share your best tip for how you do it. Just tag @TerraCycleUK and include the hashtag #KeepOnRecycling.

All weekly winners of the #KeepOnRecycling contest will be entered for a grand prize drawing for £800 at the end. Plus, entrants with at least 250 likes are eligible to enter to win £1,600 worth of TerraCycle® points redeemable for donations to your favorite schools and charities!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the contest page for details and full prizing breakdown, and follow the #KeepOnRecycling hashtag to keep up with collectors around the world.

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