How can I ship my rubbish to TerraCycle? Great question!

Welcome to the latest instalment of our “Great question!” series. In this series, we address common questions about TerraCycle and our recycling solutions. 

How can I ship my rubbish to TerraCycle?

Great question! Before shipping us any rubbish, you’ll have to either join a free recycling programme or purchase a Zero Waste Box™

Shipping is easy for both free recycling programmes and Zero Waste Boxes, but the process is different. 

Shipping for free recycling programmes

Once you have joined and been accepted into a free recycling programme, you’ll be able to start collecting that programme’s items to send to TerraCycle for recycling. Before you begin, read the instructions on the program web page carefully. Some programmes have special cleaning or packing instructions.

You can use any sturdy box or receptacle to send in your rubbish. We highly recommend reusing a box you have lying around.

As your box fills up, sign in to your TerraCycle account to print your free, prepaid shipping label.

To find it, go to your Profile, then click “Send Us Your Waste.” The list of free recycling programmes you participate in will appear. Click “Get Shipping Label” under the programme you would like a shipping label for. The label will be emailed to you. (Your download link will expire after 90 days, so we recommend downloading and printing right away.) 

When you have a full box, seal it up with tape, then attach the shipping label. Drop it off at the shipping service indicated on the label. After it arrives at TerraCycle, we’ll #RecycleEverything.

Shipping Zero Waste Boxes

If you buy a Zero Waste Box, shipping couldn’t be easier. Your Zero Waste Box will arrive with the return prepaid shipping label already attached. Fill up the box and seal it by taping the top opening shut. Check the label to find the shipping carrier, then drop-off your sealed box at the carrier’s nearest location.

Important shipping guidelines

Follow these guidelines to ensure your shipment reaches us (and that you earn recycling rewards points, if applicable). 

  • We encourage you to ship when your box is full to minimise the transportation carbon footprint. 
  • Our carriers will not accept dripping packages, so please make sure your items are dry. You might need to double-bag some items, such as coffee capsules. (Don’t worry; we’ll recycle the bags too!)
  • Each free recycling programme label is unique and can only be used once for one box. 
  • The rubbish you collect for each free recycling programme must be sent to us with its own respective download label and in its own box. Please do not mix your recycling for different programmes in the same box, as each programme is structured differently. Keeping programme  rubbish  separate helps everything run smoothly and ensures that as many people as possible can take part in  the programmes.
  • For free recycling programmes, the box size should not exceed 60x60x50cm.
  • If you wish to earn TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points, note that some free recycling programmes have a minimum weight that shipments must meet to earn points. This information is clearly stated on the programme web page. 

Still have questions? Visit the TerraCycle Help Center for more answers or to contact us directly.

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