How to recycle with TerraCycle: earning & redeeming points

Not only are our free recycling programmes, well, FREE, but you also get TerraCycle points for participating! Learn everything you need to know about earning and redeeming points below. 

How do I earn TerraCycle points?

You earn TerraCycle points automatically for participating in most of our free recycling programmes as a public drop-off location administrator. For each valid shipment you send in through participating programmes, you receive 100 points per kilogram.

Make sure to check the “Rewards” section on the web page of each free recycling programme that you join. There may be a minimum shipment weight that your box must reach to qualify for points. 

Some programmes do not participate in TerraCycle points, and some of our brand partners choose to offer their own separate rewards system. This information will be clearly stated on the programme page.

Is there any way to earn extra points?

Yes! You can participate in contests and promotions. We occasionally offer bonus points for joining certain programmes or sending shipments during a specific time frame. Keep an eye on our social media pages and the contests and promotions page on our website.

What can I do with my points?

TerraCycle points maximise the impact of your recycling efforts. Not only will you keep rubbish out of landfills and ensure it gets recycled into new products, but you can support great causes at the same time. That’s because TerraCycle points are redeemable as a charitable gift to one of our non-profit partners or as a donation to the school, charity, or non-profit of your choice. Each TerraCycle point is worth one penny. 

How do I redeem my points?

You can redeem your points by visiting the “Redeem your points” page on our website, or go to your profile and click “My Impact”.

If you’d like to redeem your points as a donation to a school, or charity of your choice, scroll to the “Your school or organisation” section of the page. There, you can search to see if your organisation is already in our database and, if it’s not, request for it to be added. 

Please note, if you choose to redeem your points to an organisation of your choice, you must redeem a minimum of 2,000 points (or £20). We have two payment periods per year. If you redeem by the end of April, your organisation will be paid in June. If you redeem by the end of October, your organisation will be paid in December.

Do TerraCycle points expire?

If there is no activity on your account after a full year, your points will expire. “Activity” can mean downloading a shipping label, shipping a package to TerraCycle, or redeeming points. 

Do I earn points for dropping off my recycling at a TerraCycle drop-off point?

No, you will not earn points for dropping off your rubbish. The administrator of the drop-off location will accrue all of the points from the rubbish they send in and redeem those points to their chosen cause. 

Do I earn points for sending in my Zero Waste Boxes?

No, you will only accrue points by sending in shipments for participating free recycling programmes

How much has been raised through TerraCycle points?

To date, our recyclers have raised over £34 million for donations globally! And over £2 million in the UK.

Still have questions? Visit our Help Center to find answers to more common questions about TerraCycle points or connect directly with a customer service representative.

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