Bring TerraCycle to your town!

Most local recycling centres only accept paper, cardboard, glass, metals like aluminium, and rigid plastics. So what do you do with all the other rubbish your community accumulates? You recycle it with TerraCycle!

You can bring TerraCycle to your town in a number of ways:

  1. Set up a TerraCycle drop-off point

A TerraCycle public drop-off point is a community hub where people can drop off their rubbish to be recycled through select TerraCycle free recycling programmes, including:

If your town is on board to start recycling more, ask them to set up drop-off points around your community in places like municipal buildings or public libraries. Through drop-off points, your town can collect rubbish like dental care products, hair care products or home and laundry care packaging to be recycled for free through TerraCycle! Once registered as a drop-off point, simply set up collection boxes and invite your community to fill them with their rubbish. When your box is full, simply ship the rubbish back to us using a cardboard box with the prepaid shipping label affixed to it. As the public drop-off administrator, you will earn TerraCycle points which can then be redeemed as monetary donations to the school or charity of your choice. 

  1. Set up a town-wide TerraCycle account for free recycling programmes

One account manager can join our free recycling programmes and manage a network of local businesses looking to recycle. Local businesses can set up collection bins, and when they’re full, they can request a prepaid shipping label from the account manager’s TerraCycle account.

The account manager will then provide the businesses with the prepaid labels so that they can ship their rubbish to TerraCycle to be recycled! Our free recycling programmes recycle everything from beauty products, biscuits wrappers, cheese packaging, toys and more.

  1. Purchase Zero Waste Boxes

Work with your town officials to set up Zero Waste Boxes in your community. With Zero Waste Boxes, you can #RecycleEverything from beauty products to oral care products, plastic packaging and more.

You can even partner with school clubs and local charities to fundraise for the boxes so your town can take on a greener initiative. Shop Zero Waste Boxes here.

To learn more about bringing TerraCycle to your town, please contact our team at
Read about the first-ever TerraCycle Town here.

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