Collector highlight : Sam & Lesa for Wiltshire Air Ambulance

The Collector Highlight section shines a light on the TerraCycle collectors who want to share details of their initiatives, the charity they collect for and share some useful tips for other collectors. Sam (pictured right) and Lesa, who manage an incredible 45 public drop off locations located across Wiltshire to raise money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance. We had a chat with Sam and she agreed to answer our questions about her collection. 

When did you start collecting with TerraCycle and which programmes are you involved in?

We started collecting in 2014 and are involved in the Tassimo and EllaCycle recycling programmes. To begin with Sam and I simply started collecting from family and friends but very quickly the scheme grew and now we have 45 Drop Off points across Wiltshire and two Hub Site located in Salisbury & Swindon.

How much waste have you collected so far?

So far, we have collected 507,867 Tassimo T-DISCS and baby food pouches, which has raised £5,224.

Which charity are you collecting for? Which project(s) will the money go towards?

The money raised will go towards Wiltshire Air Ambulance, which is a registered charity relying almost entirely on public donations to keep them flying.

Any tips that you could share to collect more waste?

Social media is key! We have a dedicated Facebook page with nearly 1,200 followers.  We also have a separate group page on Facebook for our volunteers, so we can give updates and it is a great platform to communicate and work together to spread awareness. We were delighted when our local Tesco offered to support our initiative in store as well as allowing our hub to be located in a recycling bay.

Do you have any funny anecdote to share about your collection?

Not so much funny, but Lesa and I couldn’t believe it when we were contacted by local press and radio to cover the story. It is amazing to see how something as simple as having a coffee and saving the T-DISCS from ending up in landfill can help fund the vital work the Wiltshire Air Ambulance does in saving lives.

City, address and opening times of the public drop off location

We have 45 public drop off locations located across Wiltshire, you can find a map showing them all and the access hours on our Facebook page

Do you want to increase awareness of your recycling efforts? Would you like to talk about it and share your experience and tips? To be featured in our “Collector Highlight” section, please contact us at

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